DIVINE JAIL BREAK Friday, 28th June, 2013

Memorise: And suddenly there was a great
earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. (Acts 16:26)

Read: Acts 16:24-33

God’s personal visit to His children
who are in bonds liberates their
hands from whatever cuffs had them
bound. Beyond the hands, the legs of
the visited will also be loosed and freed
to make progress; so that the enemy
who had him tied down will no longer
be able to catch up with him. In Acts
3:1-8 , when the King of kings visited the
lame man at the front of the Beautiful
Gate, he did not only walk but he
started to leap. Have your legs been
incapacitated owing to poor health?
They shall receive strength and become
whole. At other times, your legs may be
physically fit but they may be chained
like it happened to Paul and Silas in Acts
16:24-33 . After they received the
beating of their lives for delivering a lady
from the oppressive spirit of divination,
they were taken to prison and tucked
into the inner ward to prevent escape.
Yet, they did not stop there; they tied
them with chains and tucked and locked
their feet in stocks. In other words, the
enemies tried to block every possible
avenue of escape. Now the jailor could
safely go to sleep. As tired as they
were, with their bodies bleeding from
the wounds earlier inflicted on them
before they were brought to the prison
house, they felt they must immediately
contact their Headquarters in Heaven
and invite the King of Glory to
personally visit them in that prison.
They began to engage in high praises at
midnight and that night, the Lord came
on a visit. An earthquake accompanied
His visit and the foundation of the
prison house shifted out of place, all
locked doors were flung open, the
chains on all the prisoners got broken
and their feet were set free from the
stocks. When God decides to visit that
prison where the enemies have caged
you, He can orchestrate a jail break. This
season, the Lord will visit that prison
that is housing you, your family as well
as your destiny and there shall be a
divine jail break in the name of Jesus.

Key Point: When a man breaks and escapes from
jail, it is a crime. But when God breaks a jail and releases its prisoners, nobody can prosecute Him. 

Bible in one year: Isaiah 7-9


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