Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now see. John 9:25b

Read: John 9:24-25
Bible in one year: Jeremiah
It is good to have a single contact with God but much better to enjoy a continuous flow of God’s blessings by abiding in him. At an advanced age, Sarah had contact with God and suddenly laughter erupted. Every hearer of her conception story and subsequent child birth were also infected with laughter; no wonder she named Isaac laughter (Genesis 22:1-6). Have you been going through sorrow for a while? Is your name synonymous with sorrow like Jabez?  Are you sorrowful becacuse for a long time nothing has come to you? Is there a long standing problem that has defied all prayer efforts? Fear not! Your laughter season is just around the corner. Very shortly, like it happened to Sarah, many people will come and laugh and rejoice with you.
A single contact with God can put a new song into your mouth. This was the experience of a man who was born blind recorded in John 9: 24-25. After the Lord opened his eyes, people began to argue so much on his issue. But when he was called to clarify his story he told them:
    … whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, I was blind now i see. John 9 29b
That will be your new song from today! You will be singing: Once I was sick now I am healed; once I was bound, now I am free; once i was begging to feed but now I am a lender to nations; once i was barren but now i am praying to God to stop adding children to me; once i was last but now i am the first; once i was completely ignored over important matters but now without consulting me, nothing can be done; once I was crawling spirtually, but now I am flying; once no suitor came for my hand in marriage, but now I have several serious suitors that idon’t even know which one to choose from; once i was homeless but now I have a comfortable place; once i was a tenant harassed by my landlord but now i am a landlord with understandingtenants in Jesus name. a new song is coming your way this season. believe it. recieve it, act on it and expect it to manifest.
Prayer point:
Thank God for giving you a new song, Thank God for the succes of past conventions of The redeemed Christian church of God. Ask that this year’s convention will be pleasantly different.
Bible in one Year: Numbers 21-24


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