Wednesday, 24th July, 2013 RESISTING DARKNESS

Memory Verse: The light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. (John 1:5)

Read: John 1:45

We are enjoined to arise and
shine in Isaiah 60:1. To shine
could mean Fulfil your purpose.
It could also mean Resist
darkness. John 1:5 says,
“And the light shineth in
darkness; and the darkness
comprehended it not.”
You are not saved to fold your
arms and be idle, but to resist
darkness. Paul fought the good
fight of faith and a part of that
fight was to resist evil. The more
you increase the number of
lights around a place, the less of
darkness you will have there.
This is the wisdom in planting
churches. The more churches are
planted, the more forces of
darkness will be driven away.
There was a time in my village
that if a well dressed individual
was going there with a car, on
arrival at Ife (South-West
Nigeria), the fellow would have
to park the car, change to a less
flamboyant dress and unpolished
shoes before heading for the
village. On getting home, after
greeting them, they may ask how
long the visit would be, and the
individual would lie that he
would stay for three days
whereas he was already
preparing to leave. When it is
time to leave, if the way to the
motor park is to the right, he
will follow the left and after
going some distance, the fellow
would reconnect the road to the
Why all that pretence? It was
because darkness was thick and
prevalent in the area. If they
discovered the fellow had
achieved something in life, that
visit might just be his last visit to
the village. But today, things
have changed because the light
of God has shone over them.
Now, I can even visit in a
helicopter and be seen by
people, yet no evil is envisaged.
If you are a light of this world,
you will shine by resisting evil.
Every soul you win to the
Kingdom further reduces the
pressure of sin and death upon
the community where you are.
Do all it takes to enlarge the
coast of the Kingdom because in
doing this, you will not only be
shining, but also multiplying
good in the midst of a dark

Go out and win souls into God’s
Kingdom and thereafter thank
Him for His light that is
spreading into those lives and
the community at large


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